3D Building Solutions Process


  • I receive the enquiry via phone call, txt or email
  • I arrange a time to meet on site to inspect job, have a chat with the client where I get a feel for the job, what they want, & there expectations, While there I check out the work area, access for materials to be brought in & stored, I also try to picture the final product in my head & for see any issues which may occur. I find people appreciate being told upfront that you cant do that or it won’t look right. I also try to give the client other options. If possible a cheaper one to get the same result.
  • I then work out quantities & estimate labour costs
  • Finally i email typed quote through to client as quickly as possible

Job Preparation

  • After approval is given I then book job into the next available slot.
  • I then forward a deposit invoice for materials & confirm start date
  • Depending on how far in advance we are booked i will usually call the client the week before where are due to arrive on site.
  • I get the materials delivered the day before we are due to start.

The Project

  • On the day i introduce the client to my tradesmen & do a thorough run through of the whole job. If required or the job is a significant size.  i give the boys  a plan to help with finer details which my be forgotten. Depending on my day i will stay on site & support the boys or organise for the next delivery of materials & pick up other materials for the next job
  • Each day I meet the boys at 7am on site to cover any questions & give direction, also confirm with client that they are happy & content.
  • A few hours before the job is at its completion i will run through the job confirming all parts of the job have been completed & I do a final inspection of the site for rubbish. I then confirm the client is happy. I then provide them with the invoice for payment.
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